Lifestyle living in a park home in Spain. The moment you are settled in Spain in your park home you begin to enjoy the exciting lifestyle. The better weather is of course the main reason why so many people choose Spain as their new home. The other plus point is that it is a very secure lifestyle. The park office looks after everything leaving you to enjoy making new friends and getting into the new relaxed and healthy way of life. There is so much to see and do in Spain. It is a beautiful country and it has many great resorts. You will never be bored in Spain. It has everything from nature reserves, beaches of course and even a ski resort in Granada.

Life in Spain is really different. You can enjoy living in Spain on a nice and private park like Corrales Park or you can enjoy living in a real expat community in the Antequera area on Park La Posada. Close by to Park La Posada is  Saydo Park which is residential but not a dedicated retirement park.

The bar and restaurant on Park Corrales in Spain

On Corrales park there is a very Spanish bar and restaurant (as above) which means you will be enjoying life with the locals as a local. It also offers use of the small private swimming pool and bar connected to the hotel. On Park La Posada there is a swimming pool with a bar and entertainment complex. The residents arrange all the events themselves with the help of the park. On Park La Posada there is also a 4 lane outdoor bowls green for the residents.

The lifestyle starts as soon as your home is on Spanish soil. It can be very exciting. Not speaking Spanish is not a problem at all and Spain has so much to offer from beaches to golf courses. With the parks already established there is always a resident or two willing to talk about all the things they have done and places they have visited.

Fishing, cycling and of course walking are just a few of the many pastimes that the better weather allows you to enjoy to the full. Coming to see for yourself is all it takes. The lifestyle is better explained by the residents who are enjoying it. For the pet owners lifestyle also means walking the dogs minus Wellington boats and an umbrella every time. It also means enjoying long walks in the county side with other pet owners. The pets are also part of the mobile home park community. 

 Beaches are close to the mobile home parks in Spain

Now for the best bit about the Park Home in Spain Lifestyle. Just a short drive and you are on holiday in Spain. You will find the beaches that are not full of tourists or you will go to the lakes and enjoy the real beauty of Spain. No need to pack and no need to wait at any airport. Wake up, decide where you want to go and enjoy your day.

The parks offer a different lifestyle but all offer support and facilities so you can live the lifestyle you want. Walking, fishing, playing golf or just enjoying a beach all to yourself out of season.