Relocate park home to Spain. Never before has any company actually gone into the relocation side of the business in the same way as we have. We are already moving mobile and park homes from the UK as well as park to park here in Spain. We have everything we need from transporters to staff to dismantle deckings and sheds in advance of a move.

So how about this for an idea? In the UK the promotions being offered by all the UK mobile home dealers for homes such as their ex-demo homes to UK customers means that you can now buy a great mobile or park home direct from the UK dealer and know that your purchase is very safe because you actually own the home you have bought in the UK.

It is only a matter of us then transporting your home to Spain and installing it.

Transporting a mobile home to Spain

The costs for transport and entrance/installation is exactly the same as it would be if the home was bought from a dealership supplying homes in Spain. The way you can save thousands of pounds is by taking advantage of ex-demo or last year display model homes. Once you have seen a mobile home selling for a good price then all we would need to know is the dealership you have seen the special offer, the make and model of the home and for insurance purposes the purchase price.


We will then assist you in checking out the best parks for you and your home here in Spain. Once you have chosen a park you simply go back to the UK and buy your own mobile home. We will then take care of all the rest. If however you already own a mobile home pr park home in the UK and you would like it is Spain then simply contact us for more details.

Imagine buying a great value home direct from a UK mobile and park home dealership and then transporting it to Spain with our help. You could easily save up to £5,000 that way and more to the point not risk a single penny as you will always own the home from day one.

Relocate to Spain

On Park La Posada and Paradise Park they also allow homes that are up to 4 years old which means that if you love either of those parks you could save even more money by buying a great resale home instead of a brand new home. After all, in Spain most of the time the decking area is used because of the better weather.