Residential Parks

  • The Windsor Park Lodge home

Residential parks in Spain have really come on in the last few years and most of them are on the Costa del Sol near the town of Antequera. They offer a lifestyle very similar to the mobile home and park home sites that are found all over the UK. The big differences are of course the weather, the relaxed lifestyle, the fact the parks are open all year round and of course the lower cost of living.  Sub letting is also not allowed on a 100% dedicated residential park.

It is already known that residential mobile home parks here in Spain enable you to live in Spain without a care in the world. Take a few moments to look at the street views on this page and then imagine yourself living here in a mobile or park home.

Resale mobile home parks offer security and facilities

Now imagine you can also enjoy all the facilities the three parks offer their residents. Swimming pools, receptions and of course all the services that goes with them. Mobile and park homes are perfect for living in Spain. Communities form and life is wonderful.

 Exclusive facilities on the mobile home parks in Spain

The bigger 5* residential parks in Spain have fantastic exclusive facilities for their residents. On Park La Posada the pool is maintained by the park. Next to the pool is the bar and community centre. Lunch is often enjoyed by the pool and of course entertainment at nights is arranged by the residents themselves. That is the beauty of a open all year round residential mobile home park.