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Park Homes Spain

Spain is a huge country yet only three major UK mobile and park home dealerships operate here. The main reason is because of the way the market has changed over the years. Many of the parks in Spain offer both tourist camping as well as mobile home plots. That of course make them camp sites primarily.

Joint campsites are by nature dedicated holiday parks with open to all facilities. Being camping sites as well they tend to be down by the coast. Two of the UK companies are now offering every kind of holiday park in Spain between them.

Residential Or Camping?

Apart from holiday parks/camp sites you will also find a few "residential" only parks. These parks are are very different. The facilities are exclusive to the residents and there is no subletting allowed. On genuine residential parks they register every owner with the local town hall. This is important because residents are then legal in Spain.

Residential only parks tend to be inland to avoid having to offer camping facilities. Close enough to the beach for a great day out but far enough away from the tourist traps and tourist prices. The top residential parks not far from Malaga on the Costa del Sol. The area around Antequera is where it all started years ago.

So what is the difference between a UK Park Home and a UK Mobile Home? The easy answer is that Park Homes are Mobile Homes built to a higher specification. More insulation all round means the home can be a residential home.

Holiday Homes Or Residential?

Mobile homes range from a 28 x 10 two week holiday homes on a camp site to a 43 x 14 luxury holiday. Luxury holiday homes converted for residential use are on most residential parks. Converted to residential by means of adding decking. Until 2016 that was the only option due to size restrictions.

In Spain since 2016 there is now a third option, a custom built Park Lodge Home. The build quality of a Park Lodge home means it is nothing at all like a mobile home. You only need to thump an internal wall to find that out. All walls are foam insulated and are 60mm thick.

The construction of a Park Lodge home with 60mm internal walls ensures it is a very solid structure. More information on the build quality is available on

There are two factories in Spain manufacturing park homes to go onto residential mobile home parks. On in Burgos and one in Alicante.

There are now 6 different models to choose from. Two designed like mobile homes and four true park homes in design


Park La Posada

First some information all about a 5* residential only park on the Costa del Sol in Spain. The park is Park La Posada in the village of Alameda not far from Malaga. Opened in 2004 this park has become THE must visit park in the Antequera area only 43kms from Malaga.

One of 4 parks in the area Park La Posada stands out thanks to the facilities and service. In 2008 the park decided to become a dedicated retirement park.

That decision means it is now offering a complete retirement package. Residents have a dedicated interpreter to deal with all the paperwork required. This service is free of charge and residents are soon legal in Spain and registered with the doctors.


The facilities you can always expect on a genuine residential mobile home park in Spain are a bi-lingual reception, swimming pool, 24-hour security and a bar and restaurant.

It is important that the facilities offered by the residential mobile home park are exclusive for the residents.

Park Lodge Homes:

In 2016 the park decided to become the show case for Park Lodge Homes. As a result the final phase at the top of the park is almost all Park Lodge homes now.

In 2018 they built a Park Lodge show ground next to the entrance to the park. The first models to arrive were the Reading and the Langport. Then came a Solero, a Sandringham and a Windsor model.

Park La Posada is without doubt in a class of its own. It has 135 homes on the park. It has a settled expat community looked after by the staff at reception and 24 hour security.

The facilities on the park include the usual swimming pool as well as a community leisure center and bar. It also has an open air gym and a four lane bowls green with the residents forming their very own bowls club.

Park La Posada mobile home park is more than a residential park in Spain. It has gone the extra mile offering facilities and services.

It was the first dedicated retirement park in Spain. You have to be over 50 to live on the park.


Park Corrales

If you want to immerse yourselves in Spanish culture rather than a UK style park there is only one. Park Corrales.

It could not be more Spanish if it tried. The owner is a famous (here in Spain) Flamenco singer Ana Reverte. It has a the small adjoining hotel and the large bar and restaurant that oozes Spanish culture. Residents mix with locals and “Spaniglish” is the common language.

The park will be nothing at all like any other. It will be a small park of 50 homes in total and each home will enjoy wall to wall country views. It has several lakes nearby including the famous Flamingo Lake.

The location described by the residents as living in the Spanish Lake District. It comes with much better weather and a lower cost of living though. It is also the only park that allows the new timber lodges as seen on

Corrales mobile home park in Spain is summed up perfectly in one word, “views”. Every home is guaranteed a great view of the countryside.

It is a very small and exclusive mobile home park.

Park home options:

On both parks you have options. You can have a UK manufactured mobile home, a UK park home, a Spanish built park lodge home or a timber lodge.

The big difference of course is transport costs. UK mobile homes are £7000 plus VAT to transport from the factory to the park.

UK twin units are £15,000 plus VAT to transport. Park Lodge homes are between 1800 and 2500 Euros plus VAT or 3600 plus VAT.

For general retire to Spain information, it is worth going to the Findinspain website. The site is full of useful articles about retiring to Spain.

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