In Spain, new and resale park homes are usually only found in dedicated residential retirement communities such as Park La Posada near Malaga on the Costa del Sol. Holiday parks and campsites tend to have cheaper UK manufactured mass-produced mobile homes or static caravans. 

The manufacturing process between custom-built park homes and production line mobile homes is so different it would be like comparing a 500-gram sirloin steak to a 500-gram beef burger when checking the ingredients for a meal.  You would know which one you would prefer straight away.

Park homes are different in every way; they are built with insulated walls, floors and roofs. They also have real doors, real tiles and solid steel chassis. With a park home, you are getting what you are paying for—a quality home. 

Residential parks suitable for such park homes are a premium in Spain, and only one park currently offers both new and resale custom-built park homes. Park La Posada

Over the last few years, more and more Europeans are looking at park home communities as a way of retiring to Spain with support. Park home communities thrive thanks to a common language policy within the park; no matter what nationality you are, everyone can communicate with each other to some degree in English.

With the common language policy in place, new friends from different nationalities are possible.  Everyone has the same dream, to retire to Spain and enjoy the warmer weather.

So how does it work? Very simple, when someone buys a park home in the park, they instantly become part of the community. The park provides a 200 square metre plot and all the facilities. For this, you pay a monthly fee. The park then takes care of everything Spanish leaving you to enjoy your retirement with new friends and neighbours.

Couple enjoying retirement

If buying a resale custom-built park home, you are buying someone else’s dream, but with one big advantage, if you love what they have done, you have a ready-made home.  Home is the word because it will be nothing like a caravan.

On the other hand, if you want a new custom-built park home, you will get exactly what you dream of.  A prestige park home in an exclusive residential park and a retirement lifestyle that comes with the level of support that most people can only hope for.

The park staff translate English and Spanish, so a reasonable English level is required to feel safe and well looked after living in Spain. Retiring to the sun does not get any easier. Park homes on genuine, dedicated residential parks in Spain will replace mobile homes on campsites over the next few years as the retirement homes of choice.

A park home in Spain for retirement

Living in a different country is easy if you have the full support, and it does not matter which country in Europe you lived and worked in before. In a residential retirement park, everyone is there for the same reason, to enjoy life.

Here are some examples as to why living in a community with a common language works. Your washing machine stops working. Living in the park, you go to the office, and they arrange an engineer to come and fix it. That is an example of park support.

Community support is very different; you need to fly back to your home country for a wedding. Living in a community surrounded by friends and neighbours, you are guaranteed a lift to the airport. 

Community support means you are never far away from a solution to any problem. Someone in the park always has the answer, having solved the problem themselves.  For new arrivals having access to good information straight away is ideal. From where the best shops are to which is the best beach to enjoy a day out.

The beaches near the residential park

As a park homeowner in a residential retirement park, you have exclusive use of the park’s facilities. The swimming pool is for you to enjoy for much of the year, the open-air gym is used for fun rather than exercise, and of course, the park is secure, only residents and authorised people can enter. 

The park itself will always be away from the coast and tourist hotspots. You will be part of an even bigger local community. The parks are always part of the local town or village. The fees you pay also mean that the park is maintained and the support is always there for you. The exclusive lifestyle is assured.

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