Park homes Spain

Park homes Spain or double units are very special indeed and living in a Park Home is very popular in the UK.

In Spain however, there are very few parks that are legal for the siting of double unit Park Homes. If planning to buy a double unit park home then it is very important to make sure that the park has a licence for such homes. In Spain, quite a few parks will “bend the rules” to accommodate you which is fine until something goes wrong.

Having said that you can still have a park home in Spain on any licenced residential park. The only thing is the size, it must not exceed 13m x 4m. To increase the size of your living space you are also allowed a 20 square metres side extension as well as a further 20 square metres of open decking. Combined you almost have a double unit in size.

The picture above is a great example. The park home is on Park La Posada and the side extension is legal for the residential park. The home itself (Alhambra Windsor model) does not exceed 13m x 4m and the side extension does not exceed 20 square metres.

All modern Park Homes are suitable to live in all year in a climate like Spain. The external decking areas form a huge part of the living area. Without a doubt, a well-designed decking on a mobile home also provides for plenty of storage space as well. With our service, you can also save a lot of money on your new Park Home.

Park Homes in Spain are usually cheaper than in the UK. You can also find some great resale park homes. In Alicante, there are several Park Home manufacturers. One of them is offering a design your own home service.

One of the best designs offered is a park home by Alhambra homes. This park home has two master bedrooms with both having a full bathroom en-suite. Ideal for having guests as everyone can enjoy some privacy.

Both bathrooms in this Park Home design have full-size power showers. This makes this home so different from any UK model the design is for Spain. The windows have shutters to keep out the sun.

A park home that built for Spain will come without central heating but will have double glazing. The doors will all be normal wooden doors and the home itself constructed to Park Home quality.

It will also come with painted outside walls. That means every four or five years for a few hundred Euros you can have a brand new looking park home once more. The design of the home will also not age as it is a universal home design. For more information about custom-built park homes visit

Currently, two residential parks in Spain have Park Lodge Homes on the park. Park La Posada in the village of Alameda near Malaga on the Costa del Sol is regarded as the number one residential park for custom-built park homes. They have quite a few on the park now.

Next is Paradise Park in the village of Albatera near Alicante on the Costa Blanca.

Park Homes Spain is to help with doing the homework regarding park homes, mobile homes and of course types of parks. This site does not advertise homes for sale. The Costa Difference website is where you will find residential resale mobile homes or resale park homes in Spain.

For more information regarding retiring to Spain or support in other areas then the Find in Spain website is a good one to visit. From driving licences to the health care they have it covered.