FAQ’s | The answers below are universal.

Are the parks in Spain all licensed? Always ask to see a copy of the license before any deposit or purchase.

Do I have to pay in full for my Park Home before it gets to Spain? You buy the home in the UK and so it is yours as soon as you have bought it. Dealers on the Costa del Sol currently charge in full for the home before it leaves the factory. That is great because the home is yours straight away.

Are all the park contracts the same? No, each park uses it’s own form of contract and we suggest you ask for a copy well in advance of paying a reservation fee.

Does my home have to come off after 15 or 20 years? No park has introduced that rule. Homes tend to weather much better in Spain so there is no need to change any Park Home provided it is in a good condition.

Do the park fees increase yearly? In most cases the fees increase by the rate of inflation. Some parks have not raised their fees at all since the crisis started in 2009.

What happens if I want to sell later on? You can use dedicated resale agents. You can also advertise it on free websites such as BuyorSellmobilehomes.

Do the homes come with decking? Yes in some cases with resale homes and no when it comes to new..

The homes, do they come with Aircon? They can do but we recommend having them installed on the park as it is cheaper and of course the guarantee is local.

Who deals with all the paperwork? In most cases the park will arrange everything that is Spain related.

Do all parks accept Park Home double units? No, very few are legal for double units, most are legal for single units.

Can I buy my own new mobile home in the UK and have it shipped onto one of the parks in Spain? Of course, we are happy to help anyone bring their own mobile home to Spain and install it on a park. You can buy it from your local Mobile Home dealership and leave the rest to us. There will be ongoing costs as most parks charge to install homes on their parks.