Camping Parks in Spain

Joint camping parks in Spain now compete with residential parks in Spain. As a result, some parks are now offering mobile and park home residents at the same level of park fees to compete.

The biggest advantage of joint camping parks is that they are close to the beach. On offer is a lively lifestyle very different to residential park home parks in Spain. For one thing, the facilities will be hectic in the summer.

Although we do not represent any camping sites, that does not mean they should not feature. Clearly, they are nothing like residential parks for obvious reasons. They do have a role to play for those who only want to live near a beach. Mobile or park homeowners on a camping site pay a premium in park fees to be near a beach.

Residential parks such as Park La Posada on the Costa del Sol are exclusive. Only residents only enjoy the facilities. The parks are also very secure.

Camping sites are for tourists, and different tourists are on the park week in and week out. The other thing to remember is that if living near a beach, the local prices are also for tourists. Not so in the Spanish villages inland where you will find the residential parks

The real solution is to look at both types of parks. If paying more in fees and tourist prices are offset by living near a beach then there are parks to welcome you.

It is also worth pointing out that in all cases, it takes less than one hour to be on the beach pretending to be a tourist. Better still, it takes a lot less than that to be in the village pretending to be a local and enjoying life the way they do. A lot cheaper as well.

The locals themselves in Spain do not live near the beaches. That is why Spain seems to offer two separate zones. Zone one is where tourists and foreigners live, by the beach with higher prices. Zone two is where the Spanish live, in local villages paying normal prices. Residential parks are in zone two.

The real answer to the question “Beach or slightly inland” is, of course, you must do the homework. First, use the internet and then come to Spain and visit both camping sites and residential parks.

You will know for certain after that which you prefer. Doing the research means you will make an informed choice where you want to live in a park home in Spain. At the end of the day, it is all about what lifestyle you are hoping for.

Most of the residents in the Antequera area agree that the Iznajar lakes are much nicer than down on the coast. Iznajar is a famous white Spanish village between Granada and Cordoba.

There is a man-made beach, and you can drive right down to the water’s edge.

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