Language to learn

Learning Spanish

Learn the Spanish language. Most parks in Spain have staff on hand to help you learn a few words. They are also there to help with any Spanish related problems.

That said, learning the essentials in Spanish us a lot of fun. The locals love it when they see that you are trying to learn the language. You do not have to wait until you move into your Park Home in Spain to start learning a few words.

The BBC has a great online course to get you started, and that costs nothing.

On some of the parks, they also offer free beginners courses which also helps. You start with the basics, but as always it is not essential to speak Spanish on the park itself.

On the parks, you will find free Spanish lessons and paid for lessons. A plus point, of course, is that within the parks themselves, everything is in English. That said even the residents use some Spanish in their every day lives.

What do we mean? When you meet a resident after living in Spain for a few months, you will say “hola” to them rather than “hello”. Hola will feel more comfortable.

Once you are in Spain, enjoying the lifestyle, then words in Spanish will fall into place. There are also YouTube videos that give free Spanish lessons also, which is great. You will soon have more than enough words stored away to enjoy living in Spain completely.

Many residents have lived in their Park Homes in Spain for years without any problems. This is because English is the language in the park, and the office is there to translate.

Why not start right now to learn a few words. You can practice when you start looking for that dream location in Spain for your brand new Park Home.

On the mobile home parks, everyone speaks English. That is why residential mobile home parks are so successful. Once outside the park, everyone speaks Spanish, and shopping is a great way to learn a few words every week. The villages are very Spanish yet always find a way to communicate with the residents.

Living in Spain will help you understand Spanish. Walking around the village, you will be picking up words you hear after putting them into context.

The weekly fresh produce market is a good example. You will see how the locals ask for things. You will hear the same words being spoken all the time.

In the local bars and restaurants in the villages, they will understand you without a problem. They have had new British clients for over 10 years now, and they enjoy the experience as much as the residents. Ordering a wine or beer is easy, and most of the menus are now in English as well. That said, most residents prefer to try to order in Spanish.

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