Mobile homes in Spain

Mobile homes in Spain or Static caravans as they are sometimes known are now very popular in Spain. This is in part due to the lower costs of transporting a single mobile home unit to Spain. There are also a lot of parks in Spain that are only licensed to allow single size mobile homes in the park.

Spain also has a great mobile home manufacturer in Alicante. The factory is producing single size Park Lodge Homes designed for the UK market but built here in Spain.

Park Lodge Homes are custom-built to how you want it built.

All modern mobile homes are suitable to live in all year in a climate like Spain. The decking areas form a huge part of the living area as well. Without a doubt, a well-designed decking on a mobile home also provides for plenty of storage space as well.

Mobile homes:

Mobile homes come in one, two or three-bedroom versions. Most Mobile homes in Spain are two-bedroom homes. The mobile home itself is the same size no matter which version. It is only the room sizes that will alter.
On some parks in Spain, you will find some resale mobile homes. These are a great value as they include decking built, aircon fitted and a lot more besides.

It is always best when visiting a park with resale mobile homes for sale to look at those as well as plots for new homes. If nothing else it will give you an idea about what you can do with your new mobile home.

Resale mobile homes are most of the time homes where you will be able to walk in and relax after collecting the keys. They are ready to enjoy living in straight away.

For those who want a new mobile home, the parks arrange everything in advance. Aircon fitted by local engineers and decking plans drawn up and built afterwards. The new homes come furnished.

With so many different park home designs you can make the most of your new home in Spain. Imagine dining on your decking in the evening. A kitchen leading straight onto the side decking is wonderful for doing that. The side decking is the dining room. The front decking through patio or French doors becomes your lounge.

Costa Difference Partnership are on hand to offer lots of advice and can save a lot of money with some simple ideas.

Park Homes Spain is to help with doing the homework regarding park homes, mobile homes and of course types of parks. This site does not advertise homes for sale. The Costa Difference website is where you will find residential resale mobile homes or resale park homes in Spain.

For more information regarding retiring to Spain or support in other areas then the Find in Spain website is a good one to visit. From driving licences to health care, they have it covered.