Costa Difference has been designing park homes for Spain since 2008. Originally the manufacturers were Ibiza homes in Alicante, and in 2014 Alhambra homes took over.

In 2008, Park La Posada’s owners saw that park homes were an ideal addition to the many UK model mobile homes already in the park by that time. Since then, however, there have been more park homes than mobile homes come into the park. Now it is only park homes allowed.

For that reason, the park also has the record for the number of park homes that the owners have designed. Complimented with models that were originally designed by Costa Difference but customised by the owners.

When designing their own home, the owners get to choose the name of the model. Take a look at the “Margarita” arriving in Park La Posada. When it is up in the air, it shows you just how good these park homes are.

The Margarita is a full 13m x 4m home built in Spain for Spain. In the same street, you will also find the “Altricia”, the “Ella” and the “Yorkshire”, all very different homes.

Of course, custom-build is not confined to the park homes themselves. The factory in Alicante also constructs side “PODS”, which are purpose-built side extensions adding up to 18 square metres to the home. Only park homes have side extensions built the same way as the homes. The all-new 13m Windsor Largo was the last home to arrive with a matching side POD.

Owners can choose the size of the POD, how many doors and how many windows. In one case, it was designed as two rooms.

Marcus Taylor narrated a video all about side PODs built for park homes for Facebook.

So what about the park home designs themselves? To begin with, the factory has many pre-existing designs already. These are used to give clients some ideas as to what they can do.  In the case of Harry and Ann, they went all the way back to the drawing board.

Once they had the home’s size and what type of windows and doors sorted, they went to town. Extra membrane insulation all round was their first requirement; this was followed by sliding internal doors. In the kitchen, they have enough units to store all known kitchen appliances. 

By the time they had finished, they had a cool home in the summer and not so cool in the winter. It was better than that because they stayed in Alicante during the twelve weeks it took the factory to build their home. Theirs was a very hands-on experience and all starting with a floor plan.

Ascot park home in Spain floor plan