Facilities on the residential parks in Spain

Facilities on residential parks in Spain

Park home site facilities in Spain are what you are paying for. So one would expect top-class facilities to go with top-class parks. The reception or park office is one of the most important, of course.

It is a fact most residents do not speak Spanish, and they are not expected to. That means the parks take care of everything that is Spanish related.

Living in Spain in a Park Home is easy if all you need do is pop into the office to ask “what does this mean?” or “how do I say this in Spanish?”. You are well looked after and able to enjoy every moment.

The facilities and service that the residential mobile home parks offer are what you are paying for. The park fees will be in the same ballpark amount.

To pay a park every month only to find that they do not maintain or add to the facilities is not good. To avoid that, speak to residents on a visit. Make sure what you see is real.

Facilities should also include an excellent swimming pool, bar and restaurant. Either on the park itself or right outside.

Park La Posada

On Park La Posada they have gone one step further and have had a 4 lane bowls green built. The residents have now formed their own club and are now established.

Park La Posada is the park to visit every time. It sets the standard that all parks must try and provide. A short visit will show you what the park lifestyle is really like.

It is the services that you do not see that is important. Full support is given by staff in reception—24-hour security with exclusive access.

Facilities are what you are paying the monthly park fees for. They must be worth the money. 24-hour security and a well-maintained park add to the park home in Spain lifestyle.

You will also expect a well-maintained park to the highest standards. The park should also have natural surroundings. The last thing you will want is to find yourself living in a residential park that feels more like a campsite. You will also need to consider the size of the park itself.

Park Corrales

If you are looking for a tranquil park, then nothing beats Corrales Park. It is very different. It is part of a rural hotel, bar and restaurant complex set in some wonderful Spanish countryside.

Park Corrales is a very different residential park. It will never be a Park La Posada or a Park Saydo. It will never have a thriving ex-pat community.

With only 50 homes planned, it will always be a Spanish retreat—the perfect location for anyone who loves Spain and does not want to feel on holiday.

The park is a small residential park. The residents enjoy all the facilities in the same way as the hotel guests. The hotel is very Spanish, and the whole complex oozes Spanish culture.

Every home on the parks has wall to wall views and of course a quiet rural setting. If you love real Spain, you will love Corrales Park. If you love beach resorts, then you will not. Real Spain is not like Benalmadena; it is for many far nicer.

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