Park La Posada in video


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Park La Posada is a park with a difference. It is a residential retirement park. The services it offers start as soon as the resident arrives. The park registers a resident with the town hall and the doctors. They are also assisted in getting their residencia. This is all done by the park FREE of charge.

With 200 sq mtr landscaped plots the residents are able to build large decking areas. This means they can make the most of the fact that because of the better weather they can live outside most of the year


Park homes in Spain. Images and videos. Park home image 13061942

The facilities on Park La Posada are second to none. They also include a competition standard 4 lane bowls green. The residents have formed their own bowls club although most only play for fun.

With over 100 homes on the park there is a great social life. There is always something going on and residents can pick and choose what they want to do.


Park homes in Spain. Images and videos. Park home image 13061941

Park fees are straight forward. For 354 Euros a month you will enjoy the parks facilities and have 24 hour security. The park reception will look after you and take care of all the paperwork. You can get on and enjoy life. The utilities are on a meter and the cost of living is lower than in the UK.

To visit Park La Posada we offer dedicated visits that will be 100% park life in Spain related. Perfect for anyone who wants to experience the way of life and area which we call “real Spain”.
Someone will look after you from start to finish and you will learn a lot. The visit will be a great short break where you can relax as well as see the park and area.

To start you can search for flights to Malaga that allow for a three night stay here in Spain.
The hotel Castilla is in the heart of Antequera which is also very Spanish and will add to the experience.  
If you wish to upgrade to a more tourist style hotel that is out of the town itself please contact us for details.
Once you have flights in mind give us a call on 0117 318 2188. We will then make sure that everything in Spain is available. After that, you then go ahead and book your flights.
To arrange a visit please telephone 0117 318 2188 if in the UK or (+34) 670 203 495 if in Spain. You can also use the contact form letting us know the dates you have in mind.