Park Home show ground

The showground on Park La Posada is where you can see the quality of the Park Lodge Homes for yourself. Costa Difference Ltd design the homes and Alhambra homes and Eurocasa build them.

Park Lodge models are very different. It is the fact that they are custom built as solid structures that turns them into park lodges.

All park homes are at least 13-foot wide, and they are insulated from top to bottom.


Park Lodge Models

The homes on display will include the Reading and the Langport by Eurocasa. The Solero, the Sandringham and the Windsor by Alhambra. There is also plans to have a twin unit residential home on display as well.

The homes are all priced in Euros and on the main Costa Difference website.

The Reading model is one of the most iconic homes built here in Spain. It is a one-bedroom park lodge that converts into a two-bedroom home when the need arises.

For the rest of the time, owners enjoy every inch of space and of course have a great size bedroom that is 13.5 foot wide. The home comes with a queen-sized bed. The secret to this home is that it has a hidden wardrobe built into the lounge.


The Langport

Two-bedroom Langport model has two features. First is the MAXI Space twin room. The bedroom comes with two beds in one, leaving enough space in the room to have a computer desk as well. When needed as a twin bedroom, you move the desk into the hall.

It also comes with a sliding door built in the wall between the bathroom and master bedroom. The master bedroom is then en-suite when needed.

The Langport also has plenty of space to add your own furniture. That means every Langport model will be different.

The top-selling Park Lodge Home is the special Windsor. It is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom model with a huge master bedroom.

Having a full bathroom with shower en-suite is the home to have if the second bedroom is in use a lot. Guests will have their own bathroom.

Being open-plan, the home feels every inch of its 41 x 13 (12.5 x 4) size—the bathroom as very special with one being a power shower and the other one a full-size walk-in.

The kitchen is open plan combined with a good dining area, and the home is all about light. It feels so spacious inside.



To see the homes on the showground contact Costa Difference Ltd.