Resale mobile homes

Resale homes in Spain are great value because they have had so much put in place. A good decking here in Spain costs 1000,s because it becomes an integral part of the park home itself. Living outside is easy here in Spain thanks to the much better weather.

Mobile Home Decking

Once you are at the stage of looking at homes you will see why the decking is so important. Eating outside is normal. Very pleasant and why having a mobile/park home makes sense.

The mobile home is 40sq mtrs and the decking doubles that. Imagine buying an 80sq mtr home from only £20,000 with many extras thrown in. The decking areas in some homes can be as big as the home itself. Imagine below being your outside living room.

Here is a thought. A park home can cost between £50000 and £70000 and for that you get 40 square metres of home. Perfect for all year.

For £10,000 you can have a fantastic decking area again 40 square metres and you can use it between March and December as your home easily.


Resale park homes

Resale park homes have one other very big advantage. You could be living in Spain in weeks and enjoying life once again. The social life you get living on a park is the main reason why so many people like the idea. You are never isolated.


Resale mobile homes in Spain are transformed by the decking area. That is what makes resale mobile homes such a good idea. They are great value.

If you buy a home and a improve the home and decking area for less than £5000 you can convert what you have bought into a home.

Views come as standard in most cases. You also get to see all the extras that are in the price of the mobile/park home when you visit. Sometimes we have a “bring your toothbrush mobile/park home”. Great value and very easy to buy.

Buying a resale mobile home only requires a sales agreement and a park contract. Costa Difference Ltd deals with all that on your behalf. The resale park homes purchase procedure can take up to three months. Within 14 days of viewing you pay a 10% deposit . You then pay for the home in full three months later.

Resale mobile homes are already established on the park. You can meet your neighbours before buying the home. This is a big advantage.

On a residential park all the residents are there because they love Spain, love the weather and are looking to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle. Is that what you are looking for?


With large 200 sq mtr plots and all the decking and garden done buying a resale mobile home in Spain makes a lot of sense. There is always much more included in the mobile home sale. Garden furniture, sun shades, sun beds and in some cases right down to knives and forks.