Residential parks in Spain

Residential parks in Spain

Residential parks in Spain have come on in the last few years. And most of them are on the Costa del Sol near the town of Antequera. They offer a lifestyle similar to the mobile home and park home sites in the UK.

The big differences are, of course, the weather and the relaxed lifestyle. The parks are also open all year round and of course the lower cost of living. Subletting is also not allowed on a 100% dedicated residential park.

It is good to know that residential mobile home parks in Spain enable you to live in Spain without a care in the world.

The bigger 5* residential parks in Spain have exclusive facilities for their residents. On Park La Posada the pool is important and is for residents only. Next to the pool is the bar and community centre. Lunch is often enjoyed by residents overlooking the pool most of the year. That is the beauty of an open all year round residential mobile home park.

These are very few and far between. There has been a rise over the years in the number of parks claiming residential status when in truth they are campsites that allow mobile homes.

If the park is known as Camping XXXX in any way and it allows tourist camping, it cannot and will not be a residential park. Why is that important? It isn’t easy to get a residential status when living on a campsite. Not to mention the tourists in the park all the time.

Genuine residential:

Genuine residential parks do not have camping pitches, do not allow subletting of mobile or park homes, and are 100% focused on their residents’ well-being. You also have security when living in a residential park rather than a campsite.

A good question when thinking of retiring to Spain to live in a residential mobile home park. The first answer is supported. It is the CORE ingredient that turns a mobile home park into a genuine residential mobile home park. You know that there is a system in place to take care of all the residents.

Park La Posada and Corrales Park have taken it one stage further. They deal with all the paperwork required to get you settled in Spain free of charge. This includes your NIE (national identity number), your residencia and registering you with the doctors. You use your passport and UK health card until the registration process is complete.

The second answer is the park community. A park full of residents means that the park is offering the right services and facilities. Plus a park with happy residents means they are successful at what they do.

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Park Homes Spain is to help with doing the homework regarding park homes, mobile homes and of course types of parks. This site does not advertise homes for sale. The Costa Difference website is where you will find residential resale mobile homes or resale park homes in Spain.

For more information regarding retiring to Spain or support in other areas then the Find in Spain website is a good one to visit. From driving licences to health care, they have it covered.