Retiring to Spain

Retire to Spain

Retiring to Spain and living in a Park Home on a secure park that looks after you is a great idea. Many people sell their homes in the UK by buying a Park Home in Spain in mind. In doing so, they then have a lot of money left over to enjoy their retirement to the full.

No matter where in Spain you retire to the UK is only a few hours away by plane. There are of course lots of low-cost flight deals on offer. Friends and family can visit you, or you visit them in no time.

The consulate in Madrid is also a great source of useful information. They cover all aspects of retirement in Spain.

Imagine having no money worries at all yet enjoying life to the full. It is no wonder so many people enjoy visiting so that they can see for themselves. Choosing the right park to retire on is always the first thing to do.

Living in a different country is very exciting. Living on a mobile home park makes moving to Spain easy to do. However, it would be best if you did the homework first.

The very best way to get informed is on a park visit talking to the residents. They will give you the answers to all the questions as they have completed the process.

Residents already living on the parks have either sold their homes in the UK, or if they were lucky enough to buy their new Park Home without selling, then they could have rented their UK home out and are enjoying a high monthly income along with their pensions. No wonder everyone is smiling. Better weather, great locations and a great lifestyle.

Why are park homes such a good idea for retirement in Spain? First, they are reasonable to buy and second the parks provide a very secure environment. Many people sell their homes in the UK and then enjoy life here in Spain with no money worries whatsoever. It is how retiring to Spain is preferred.

Support in Spain:

Now the good news, retiring to Spain does need not be stressful. The parks take care of their residents from the day they arrive. The reception is there to take care of everything Spanish. The parks operate on the same lines as the retirement residential mobile home parks in the UK. The difference is that they offer much more in terms of service and facilities.

The better weather and lower cost of living in Spain are what attracts most people to retire here. Being retired in Spain also had other advantages. Exclusive facilities mean you could have the swimming pool all to yourself sometimes.

Facilities on the park for you to enjoy is important, of course. You will have some time to enjoy them. Residents get to do as little or as much as they want.

To retire to Spain, you will need to be in a residential park if you plan to live in Spain all the time. If planning to be in Spain for less than 186 days, you will not have to register as a resident in Spain. For useful retiring to Spain information check out The website has many articles on all aspects of living in Spain.

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Park Homes Spain is to help with doing the homework regarding park homes, mobile homes and of course types of parks. This site does not advertise homes for sale. The Costa Difference website is where you will find residential resale mobile homes or resale park homes in Spain.

For more information regarding retiring to Spain or support in other areas then the Find in Spain website is a good one to visit. From driving licences to health care, they have it covered.